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Premium Sky Tel is a leading voice provider of international and domestic premium rate services for various customers around the globe. Either you are TV, Radio Station, Content Provider, Adult Entertainment or any other type of Company, you can take advantage of our world class services platform and start generating revenue today!

Premium Sky Tel is operating in the telecommunication business area since back in 2004, mainly involved in wholesale and retail voice termination and origination services ... learn more

Recent News)))

NEW Somalia solutions. Great Payouts and Access!

Dear partner, Hurry up and test our new Somalia terminations:
Somalia 32
Test: +252406
Terms: 30/30 read more

New Tanzania 255411 Destination Ready!

Dear All, check out our new termination: Tanzania 3 Test number: +255411 Terms: 30/45 read more

Top Destinations)))

Russia 7
South Africa 27
United Kingdom 44
Belgium 32

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Our customers can benefit from the most important value of our work - fast and secure payouts!

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PST credo of work is to offer the most competitive rates on the market for all its International and Domestic Premium Rate Numbers.

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If you wish to use IVR recorded call services, we can help you by providing full web interface system free with your account.