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  1. Anyone who wants to be our customer can easy subscribe and start to use our international voice billing platform within two easy steps. First you need to register here and confirm your details via email.Once confirmed, your account will be reviewed and activated in the next 24 hours and you will get access to your account and you will be able to start using our services.

  2. Either You are content provider, company or person and you have interest in Value Added Services, Audiotext Solutions or Voice Billing through Premium Rate Numbers, you can benefit from our services. We welcome all customers from any country to sign up and become our partners.

  3. Sign-up for our services is for free, with no additional charges. We will pay you for every minute delivered to us but you will never have to pay us.

  4. Yes you can. We do not make any difference between residential companies in Europe, Asia, Africa, America or any country/destination. More important to us is to have your bank account information so that you can get all your billing payouts on time.

  5. Premium Rate Number is a usual telecom name for international voice numbers which are used from customers to charge their customers for certain various services. Most of the PRN customers charge their subscribers for TV, Radio, Newspaper and Online services across the world.

  6. We currently offer some of the most popular payment methods known. You can choose to get your payout via:
    Bank Wire Transfer and Credit Card Transfer

  7. It depends on the billing period of the premium numbers to which you have traffic generated and on the amount you have to be paid (as there is a minimum limit of 500 for both USD and EUR).

    We offer our customers weekly, biweekly and monthly payments.

About Destinations

  1. Our services are improved every day. Due to this 99% of our actual active destinations with codes, test numbers and rates are live shown in our web page Despite this you can always ask us for new destinations by contacting through Premium Sky Tel web site, our dedicated support team or directly through your online billing access to our Platform.

  2. This is the country code of each Country Destination that we support plus the specific operator code after the country code. For example +43 208 means that the country is Austria and the operator code after the CC is 208. This is done mainly because we have many ranges, and some of them are to the same countries but with different access and with different payout rate.

  3. As many as you want. We do not limit our customers to any maximum number of destinations or numbers. As long as you have traffic you can terminate it to as many numbers as you want.

  4. Our numbers are 90% INTERNATIONAL Premium Rate Numbers. This mean that they accept traffic ONLY from outside the current country of each every numbers is. In other words if for example you want to send traffic to "Austria" destination, you will be able to dial our international Austrian Premium Numbers from outside Austria Telecom networks.

About Calls

  1. Yes you can, but we restrict every number with maximum simultaneous calls from one caller id, so you can not make as many simultaneous calls to one premium rate number as you want with same caller id. The restrictions are different for every destination. We have restrictions to maximum daily minutes per number to some of our destinations, but usually they are enough for a day and you can hardly reach this maximum limit.

  2. There is no need to worry. This issue is mainly because some operators across the planet are restricting from time to time certain premium rate numbers from some destinations, or do not support them at all. We fight hard to compete with this problem with our industry. If you are not able to reach the some test numbers from your operator, telecom or VoIP provider, this mean that you should try to reach it from another telephone company. Also to be able to help you more with this we might from time to time publish access lists for most of our destinations in order to help you finding the best access, and promote your numbers in the correct geographical area.

  3. Yes you can. With a single click function you can add to one or more of your assigned numbers you want standard IVR playback or upload your own IVR and add it to the desired numbers.

  4. Yes you can. Our fully automated billing platform gives you the opportunity, if needed, to be able to forward each numbers you want to your SIP server via SIP protocol, easy and fast directly through the online based panel with few clicks. No special system administration skills are needed.

  5. Yes, all our statistics are updated in realtime.

Top Destinations)))

Russia 7
South Africa 27
United Kingdom 44
Belgium 32