International Premium Rate Number Solutions
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Premium Sky Tel offer international Carrier Voice/Data and Audiotext solutions for retail and wholesale business.
We deliver unique platform for customer billing solutions for all our services. Every customer can benefit from creating subaccounts for this customers, add services, IVRs and much more.
If you provide TV Shows, TV Games, Gambling, Radio Games, Radio Shows, Adult Content or any other Content Provider, we can help you out to increase your profits rapidly!

Unique delivery for content providers:

Are you a content provider?
Let us help you increase your profits now.
We can interconnect with you via:

  •  PSTN

  •  Dedicated E1

  •  VoIP SIP/H323 Interconnection

  •  Default IVR call back system

Then you can start earning profits and get paid weekly (depending on the destination and official payout terms mentioned here.

Do you look for AudioText Solutions?

Let us show you our direct destination list of international premium rate numbers. You can decide quick and easy which termination to use, setup numbers within few clicks directly through your live portal (PST billing platform) and start gathering traffic in minutes.